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Positive Change Through Music


Individual donors play a huge part in the lives of many music education programs, either through financial donations or support in-kind.

A huge thank you to all our donors to WollCon’s Musical Futures campaign. They are an important part of our community who are passionate about supporting music and music education. View the donor list here.

Our Exciting
50th Birthday Year

2022 is WollCon’s 50th Birthday. WollCon is presenting a celebratory program of creative activities to highlight the positive change WollCon brings to people’s lives through music – and will do for the next 50 years.

WollCon brings about positive change through music and music education. We are the leading Regional Conservatorium serving the Illawarra, South Coast and Far South Coast of NSW and are committed to connecting people of all ages and abilities through music.

We are raising funds to celebrate 50 years of WollCon and to signal our commitment to the next 50 years of nurturing musicians.

Funds donated will create opportunities for the community to come together through music, to celebrate and bring joy to the lives of others: Performances, Commissions, Festivals, Artist Residencies are all in the mix in this celebratory year.

Every dollar donated by 31 May 2022 will be matched by Creative Partnerships Australia’s Plus 1 program, up to $15,000.

This year, 2022, is a year of celebration, of reconnecting, of re-energizing at WollCon and beyond. Be part of the celebrations. Donations will enable celebratory performances in 2022 which provide opportunities for our next generation of great musicians, artists, their community and audiences to thrive and look forward to a bright and creative future.

Donations will directly support:
  • Artists in Residence: The Hot Potato Band in residence with our Community Ensembles throughout 2022
  • Commissions: Three major new works are being commissioned for premiere in 2022 from classical composer Matthew Hindson, jazz composer Novak Manojlovic and WollCon faculty composer John Spence.
  • Festivals: Our 50th Birthday is on 10/11 September and we are presenting a weekend long festival showcasing our amazing WollCon musicians and Alumni.

These are all exceptional musical opportunities for our young musicians, community musicians, professional artists and audiences to experience the joy of music.

By the end of 2022 we hope to be featuring a long list of donor names whose generosity has contributed to the vibrancy of our 50th Birthday year as well as the future sustainability of WollCon.

Please contact David Francis, CEO if you’d like to discuss your donation to WollCon.

We are grateful to the following donors:

Noel Lamberton – Scholarships for students from Shellharbour
Music Teachers Association – the first donation to our Plus 1 campaign to support our 50th Birthday Year!
Friends of WollCon Community Music

Major Donor: Creative Partnerships Australia, Plus 1 Program
Major Donor: BlueScope Win Community Partners
Major Donor: Friends of WollCon Community Music
Amira Abadir
Jim Allen
Sue Bennett
Daniel & Linda Bortolazzo
Scott Butler
Neil Cairns
Carole Carter
Lyndall Fowler
David Francis and Paul Wragg

Zane Giaron
Amy Hains
Lusiana Harper
Susan Mayer-Kiernan
Tanya McIntosh
Rebecca McKinlay
Judith Mitchell
Wayne Morris
Terumi Narushima
Ofa Nisa
Mark Norman
Maurizio Puggioni
Pamela Mackie-Schneider
Stephanie Smith and Lauren Hill

Tessa Tsurugaoka
Clare Tuckerman
Gordon Wallace
Vicky Wallace
Mark Wallis
Margaret Walton
Yuanyuan Yanf
10 Donors who wish to remain anonymous
Audience Members who attended the Orchestra/String Orchestra performance on 3rd April 2022 in Wollongong Art Gallery