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Brass Lessons
Trumpet/Cornet, French Horn, Tenor Horn, Trombone, Baritone Horn/Euphonium & Tuba/Sousaphone

Welcome to the exciting and dynamic world of brass instruments. Brass instruments produce sound by vibrating the lips against a mouthpiece. Players of brass instruments participate in brass bands, orchestras, concert bands, marching bands and jazz bands. The minimum age recommended for students to start learning a brass instrument is around 8-10 yrs. A little earlier may be possible if they are fiercely determined and have their adult front teeth. The technique required to produce a sound is similar across all the brass instruments, so it can work to start a young student on (a small ergonomically friendly) cornet and later switch to tuba. However, many students have success starting out directly on their preferred instrument regardless of size considerations.

Our experienced and qualified Wollcon staff offer individual lessons from beginner to advanced across the whole family of brass instruments. Whether playing in a community ensemble or aiming for a professional career as a musician, students will learn the fundamentals of brass playing in preparation for a lifetime of music making.

Trumpet / Cornet

Trumpet and Cornet are the highest members of the brass family. There are differences between the two instruments, but at the beginning level these differences are minimal.

Learn trumpet in Wollongong

French Horn

The French Horn is larger than a trumpet. A beautiful sounding instrument usually found in the orchestra, chamber ensemble or concert band.

Learn french horn in Wollongong

Tenor Horn

Tenor horn is part of the low brass family of upright playing valved instruments including; Baritone Horn, Euphonium and Tuba. Tenor horn is usually associated with British style brass bands.

Learn tenor horn in Wollongong


Part of the lower brass family, trombone is a unique and wonderful instrument, using a slide to change pitches rather than valves. Trombone is equally at home in the orchestra or jazz ensemble.

Learn trombone in Wollongong

Baritone Horn / Euphonium

The difference between these two instruments is minimal for a beginning student. Double the size of a trumpet and half the size of a tuba Baritone Horn and Euphonium play a similar role to trombone in an ensemble. They are an important part of the lower brass section in brass bands and concert bands.

Learn baritone horn or euphonium in Wollongong

Tuba / Sousaphone

The largest and lowest of the brass instruments. Essentially the same instrument with different functions. Sousaphone is often associated with parade or marching bands, while tuba is the preferred instrument for orchestras, concert bands and brass bands.

Learn tuba or sousaphone in Wollongong


Lessons are available in blocks of 30, 45 and 60 minutes over a 9-week term, and weekly scheduling is subject to availability.

Fees (individual)

DurationPer TermPer Lesson
30 min$473.00$52.56
45 min$698.00$77.56
60 min$919.00$102.11

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