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Safety Policy

WollCon is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our teachers, staff, students, participants, clients, families, carers and visitors, so far as reasonably practicable.

In relation to Covid-19, our goal is to minimise risk of transmission whilst enabling WollCon’s many music activities to go ahead in our buildings and surrounds.

However, we have a responsibility and regulatory requirement to manage the Covid risk in accordance with the NSW Public Health Orders as well as Work Health & Safety Legislation. We also have a degree of discretion to apply our own requirements to ensure the wellbeing of our entire community.

Please continue reading to understand the current WollCon Covid Requirements as they relate to attendance at WollCon. We will review these requirements on an on-going basis and provide updates, so please visit this page regularly. Your continued support and co-operation is welcomed. Please contact us at [email protected] if you require further information or clarification.

Revised 28 February 2022

NSW Government has announced changes to the COVID public health orders.  WollCon has revised our COVID requirements accordingly based on a risk assessment to determine appropriate COVID Safety Requirements for everyone attending the WollCon. 
Our goal is to provide a safe, healthy, and well environment for students, families, staff, and visitors.

Requirements to participate in activities at WollCon during Term 1, 2022

School Aged Children (5yrs and older, vaccinated and unvaccinated)
  1. A school aged child may attend face-to-face musical activities at WollCon, on any given day, if they meet all of the following:
    1. are currently permitted to attend school
    2. are not exhibiting any COVID like symptoms
  2. A school aged child may not attend face-to-face musical activities at WollCon if they:
    • are at any-time excluded from school for COVID related reasons
    • have tested positive for COVID
    • are required to isolate
    • have any COVID like symptoms, however mild.
  3. If a child needs to be absent from WollCon, they may take advantage of on-line lessons (if well enough to partake).

  4. A school aged child may resume face-to-face tuition when they can demonstrate negative COVID test results (either RAT or PCR) and have been admitted back to school.

  5. Any child between the age of 5 – 12 years old who does not attend school (e.g., home schooled) may attend face-to-face musical activity at Wollongong Conservatorium if they:
    1. Are not exhibiting any COVID like symptoms
    2. Are not required to isolate
Students, clients and participants (> 15 years of age)

May attend face-to-face music activities at WollCon If they:

  1. Are feeling well and not exhibiting any cold-like symptoms, regardless how mild.
  2. Are not required to self-isolate
  3. Are not COVID positive.
Participation in ‘On-line’ activities at WollCon during term 1, 2022

With the exception of ChiME classes, on-line lessons can be arranged to maintain continuity during times when an enrolee is required to isolate, waiting for Covid-19 test results or because they feel more comfortable learning on-line at the present time.

If you are unwell, there is no expectation to attend an ‘on-line’ activity.  The normal procedures for lesson make-ups/credits will be applicable.

Vaccination Status

Our preference is for all staff, teachers, students, clients, and participants >15 years to be fully vaccinated. 

Other requirements

Check in: There are no requirements for check in with QR codes.

Standard rollcall will continue for students to record who has attended their lesson and/or rehearsal.

Masks: Our strong preference is for everyone to wear masks whilst attending WollCon.

  1. However, anyone over the age of 12 years old must wear a mask indoors unless it inhibits participation in a musical activity.
  2. Young people below the age of 12 are recommended to wear a well-fitting mask indoors unless it inhibits participation in a musical activity.
  3. If you arrive without a mask, the WollCon staff will provide you with a mask and ask you to wear it during the session.
  4. Masks may be removed for the purpose of eating/drinking whilst at WollCon.

Social Distancing:

  1. There are no density requirements
  2. Parents/carers may attend sessions assuming they meet all other requirements.

General Hygiene Requirements:

  1. Students, parents, teachers, and staff are to wash/sanitise hands regularly but particularly before entering rooms. Hand sanitiser is provided in each room and should be used regularly.
  2. Rooms will be well ventilated with all windows and doors open and air-conditioners off.
  3. All equipment is to be wiped down at the end of each session with the cleaning materials provided in each room.
  4. Equipment must not be shared.
  5. Anyone attending WollCon should bring their own drink bottles/refreshments and should not share food and drink.
  6. If necessary, attendees should cough/sneeze into your sleeve, preferably into their elbow. If a tissue is used it should be discarded in the bin provided and hands should be cleaned/sanitized immediately.
Requirements for Covid-19 exposure or positive results

Students, parents/carers, clients, teachers, staff who, as a result of exposure or a positive COVID test result, are required by the Public Health Order to isolate, must notify the WollCon’s Administration Team immediately and not attend the WollCon site.

  1. In this situation any resulting absence will be classified ‘sick leave,’ and standard procedures for credits and make-up lessons will occur for students.

Where an individual has tested positive for COVID and has been present at WollCon, WollCon will implement the procedures outlined in the main COVID safety Plan. This will manage and mitigate potential risk at the Conservatorium.

If necessary musical activities will be delivered on-line at the normal scheduled time in order to maintain continuity of learning/participation, noting that it is not possible for WollCon to deliver ChiME activities online.

Group Activities

All group activities can now go ahead unrestricted, unless directed otherwise by the music leader.

Dynamic Environment

WollCon acknowledges that this is a very dynamic situation. WollCon will regularly review our approach and our requirements as the situation evolves. WollCon is taking a ‘how to live with COVID’ approach and makes decisions based on risk assessments, whilst taking into account Public Health Orders, Government advice and any new factors which emerge.

Next review of WollCon Covid Safety Requirements

At the completion of Term 1, 2022. 

Personal Responsibility

Whilst WollCon can outline its requirements, it is everyone’s responsibility to follow them and to ensure the health and wellbeing of our diverse community.

We will provide regular updates and, in the meantime, thank you for your support and co-operation.

David Francis (CEO) and the entire WollCon Team.


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