“Playing in an ensemble gives the students a chance to experience music as a social activity as well as working as an individual. It builds self-esteem and develops the capacity to work cooperatively with others. When we tour it also gives the students diverse experiences and broadens their outlook. In the past we have had parents tell us that the tour was a life-changing experience for their child.”

Nigel Edwards

Head of Woodwind

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Welcome to Wollongong Conservatorium
Positive Change Through Music

Our ensembles are a community of musicians of all ages and abilities with a shared love of making music.

WollCon has an ensemble for everyone. By joining one of our many ensembles you can be part of a community of instrumentalists and singers of all ages and abilities with a shared love of making music. Most ensembles are un-auditioned, are highly social and explore a wide range of musical genres.

Ensembles meet each week during term and are led by several of our wonderful music-staff, so all participants get the support they need to be a great contributor.

All our ensembles work towards public performances where family, friends and supporters can come and listen.

Participants can take part in any number of ensembles for a single registration fee, allowing them to truly explore all styles of music and discover where your passion lies.


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Youth Orchestras

For young musicians of all abilities interested in classical music, and beyond.
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Youth Choirs

Our Youth Choirs cover everything from contemporary to classical ensemble singing.
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Youth Wind Bands

WollCon has an impressive wind band program for young students across all abilities.
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Youth Jazz Bands

WollCon has an international reputation for jazz, including large jazz orchestras to small combo groups.
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Combined Youth & Adult Ensembles

Our all-ages ensembles welcome young people and adults to learn and perform together.
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Adult Ensembles

Whether you are an orchestral player, singer or want to be part of a world music style ensemble we have a group for you.


So you've decided to join the WollCon community? We can't wait to make music with you. Let's make that happen!

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