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It is sometimes said that the piano is the ‘king’ of all musical instruments. For centuries pianos have been a staple in homes across the world as an instrument that unifies those who share their magic. It is an instrument with much versatility, being as much a solo instrument as an instrument to collaborate on. The piano has a huge dynamic and expressive range, and can be played in plethora of musical styles.

Keyboard + Piano Lessons @ WollCon

For Individuals
Small Group Options


Our piano teachers know how to get you started, even if you don’t know what style of music you’d prefer learning. You will be taught fundamental skills and techniques that will set you up for success. All our instructors are well-versed in Music Examination Board requirements (the Australian Music Examination Board being the most popular). If you’re already an advanced or intermediate pianist, our teachers will assist you to strive for even greater achievement and refinement in your playing. Lessons are tailored according to your goals, your ability and learning needs.

Piano lessons in Wollongong


Our keyboard teachers are equally at home teaching beginners starting out on their keys journey, as they are teaching intermediate and advanced players. All our instructors are well-versed in Music Examination Board curriculum and assessment. We offer small group lessons for keyboard players to make your learning more enjoyable.
We also offer Contemporary/Jazz Group Keyboard lessons for intermediate and advanced piano students with an interest in jazz/contemporary styles.

Keyboard lessons in Wollongong


Lessons are available in blocks of 30, 45 and 60 minutes over a 9-week term, and weekly scheduling is subject to availability.

Fees (individual)

DurationPer TermPer Lesson
30 min$473.00$52.56
45 min$698.00$77.56
60 min$919.00$102.11

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