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Friends of WollCon Community Music (FoWCM)

The Friends of WollCon Community Music is a not-for-profit charity association which supports the region’s community music programs and activities, including the programs offered by WollCon.

WollCon programs supported by FoWCM are The Con Artists, Curious Rendition Orchestra, the Con Community Orchestra, the Five Islands String Orchestra, the various community choirs, and the annual Honk!Oz Festival of Street Music.

Made up of current members of WollCon community ensembles, the FoWCM aims to provide support by seeking and raising funds through grant applications and commissioning performances and events. In the past it has raised funds for the purchase of equipment to support The Con Artists’ activities, and has been a long-standing financial supporter of the annual Honk! Oz Festival of Street Music.

It aims to work closely with WollCon management to establish an annual plan for supporting activities and performances.

Supported by FoWCM