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Guitar Lessons
Classical, Contemporary & Bass

Discover Wollongong’s finest guitar lessons – The experienced guitar staff at WollCon offer high-quality tuition at all levels in classical, contemporary and bass guitar. We use these categories as they represent the most popular approaches to playing the guitar, but feel free to approach us with your own description for what you’d like to play as the guitar is a very diverse instrument and capable of fitting into almost any musical setting. The clearer you are with your learning goals, the easier it is for us to match you with a teacher that can guide you on your own unique musical journey through the guitar.

Nothing is more beautiful than a guitar, except, possibly two.

Frederic Chopin

No matter what journey you choose, our staff are keen to provide you with the skills you need for a lifetime of music making. For that reason, technique and musical literacy are the foundations of most guitar lessons at WollCon – particularly for our younger students. This foundation allows students the opportunity to access the full range of musical possibilities as they grow with the instrument.


Classical guitar lessons involve the use of a nylon string acoustic guitar and traditional classical technique. Flamenco guitar is closely related to classical guitar and lessons in this area are also available with a selection of our teachers.

Classical guitar acoustic and electric guitar lessons in Wollongong


Contemporary guitar lessons cover most other approaches to guitar and may involve the use of a nylon string or steel string acoustic guitar or electric guitar, often played with a plectrum.

Contemporary electric and acoustic guitar lessons in Wollongong


Bass guitar lessons involve the use of an acoustic or electric bass guitar and cover all relevant musical styles. ​

Electric & acoustic bass guitar lessons in Wollongong


Lessons are available in blocks of 30, 45 and 60 minutes over a 9-week term, and weekly scheduling is subject to availability.

Fees (individual)

DurationPer TermPer Lesson
30 min$473.00$52.56
45 min$698.00$77.56
60 min$919.00$102.11

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