Flute Ensemble Texas Tour and Fundraiser

Our wonderful flautists, who you might have seen playing at the Wollongong Town Hall last year, are off to the USA for the 52nd National Flute Association (NFA) Convention in the USA.

They have been selected to perform a program of works on Friday 2nd August at one of the world’s largest flute events, ‘Flauta Mundi: Global Voices of the Flute’ (August 1-4) at the Henry B. González Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas.

“We had to audition but our 45 minute program has been accepted. We are so thrilled about it as it is tough competition with 100’s of ensembles entering and not everyone getting through to perform.”

Suzanne Cowan

Music Teacher (Flute), WollCon

Flute Ensemble

Attending the convention will inspire and motivate our students, witnessing and learning from world famous flautists, and also participating in some massed flute ensembles at the Convention. The Trade Hall will also be an experience of a lifetime, with everything flute from wall to wall.

“We have eight students going and they are all extremely excited to be getting to perform overseas. It’s an incredible opportunity for them to rehearse and perform at a high standard. The ensemble will develop and improve significantly from the challenge of performing our program of modern flute ensemble works.”

Suzanne Cowan

The repertoire is a challenging program of works by living composers and includes a world premiere by our own Head of Music Theory John Spence. The program is: ‘Steel City’ by Gareth McLearnon, ‘For the Beauty of the Earth’ by John Rutter, ‘Waltzing the Boiling Billy’ by John Spence, ‘Zig Zag Zoo’ by Ian Clarke, ‘Rainforest Counterpoint’ by John Spence (world premiere), ‘Bamburia’ by Wil Offermans and ‘Ruckus’ by Nicole Chamberlain.

“The piece ‘Rainforest counterpoint’ was conceived by contemplating the sound of multiple flutes. The sonority of a unified texture provides the opportunity for exploring close counterpoint and its effects. What emerges are contrasting harmonic fields of sound relating to various echo textures pivoting around common notes. This idea develops into a cycle of notes which takes the listener deep into the world of forests and its cycles. Beginning on a Bb, the counterpoint lines traverse until they reach an A#, and then towards the end of the piece, soaring arpeggios rise but gradually flatten into repeating notes. The return to the final Bb resolves to a satisfying calm.”

John Spence

Head of Theory and Composition, WollCon

Flute Ensemble
What the Students are saying:

“Having the opportunity to play in Texas is very exciting and something I never thought I would do. I’m excited to do something out of the box for myself. It is an honour to represent Australia and be given the opportunity to learn and listen to many other talented flute players.” – Neha Kumar.

“I’m so excited to be playing overseas as it is a new opportunity to gain performance experience, it will help with my playing as I can learn from others and complete some of the master classes there. The repertoire chosen for Texas is difficult and working on a time frame to get the pieces perfect will help with my playing, sight reading and learning to play in tune. The opportunity is amazing.” Sofie Polozani

‘It’s an incredible opportunity with a chance to grow my experience and learn from inspirational flautists. It’s also a really amazing chance to experience another part of the world and meet new people.” Tiffany Brisbane.

flute ensemble
Launching a Fundraiser to support our Flute Ensemble

The annual National Flute Association Convention is four full days of flute performances, masterclasses, competitions, and workshops. With thousands of flutists in attendance, it is a once-a-year opportunity to hear world premiere performances and learn from favourite flautists. Attending the Convention will inspire and motivate our students, but they need your financial support.

Please support a bursary for a participating student. Donations to this campaign will be used for Bursaries to offset students travel and living expenses during the tour. We would like to offer a minimum of $500 bursaries per participant. Learn more about our fundraiser and donate below.

flute ensemble

Gather your friends and come along to support the WollCon Flute Ensemble’s adventure to Texas to play at the NFA.

flute concert

Saturday 6th July from 6pm.
At the Lighthouse Church, 1 Railway Station Square, Gladstone Ave.
Tickets $10 pp and $25 per family
Purchase at door via cash or card.