Koru Lian Timor and WollCon friends

Event Details
Reflecting the true spirit of making friends through music.

Wollongong Conservatorium will be hosting Koru Lian Timor – a choir from East Timor which has been especially formed to tour NSW.  Community Choirs and WollCon’s Con Artists will come together with Koru Lian in the Wollongong Art Gallery to sing and perform together.

Koru Lian is led by Ego Lemos, a songwriter and permaculturalist who has received several international awards for his contributions to music, art & culture and community development.

He was encouraged and inspired by his mother (a skilled harmonica player) to become a musician and is now a self-taught singer, songwriter and musician. He was asked to write the song for the feature film Balibo which was awarded the best original song composed for screen at the 2009 APRA Awards.

Ego will be visiting with 12 singers for Timor Leste who have come together to form ‘Koru Lian’ especially for this tour. The choir will sing in their native tongue Tetun.

‘Koru Lian’ and Ego Lemos will be performing in Wollongong Art Gallery (WAG) for the final performance of their Australian tour.  They will be joined by community choirs and musicians from Wollongong who will also sing songs in Tetum. 

WAG Event Details:
Date: Saturday 6 May 2022
Venue: Wollongong Art Gallery
Time: 4-5pm (no interval)
Entry: By Donation

The concert will include:
Community Choirs Singongo and Eklektika, members of WollCon’s ConChords, WollCon’s Community Music band the Con Artists, an Ego Lemos Set, Koru Lian Timor set, and a final Sing/Play together of all musicians and singers.

ENTRY BY DONATION AT THE DOOR (cash & card accepted).