Michelle Spence


What do you teach at the Con?

I teach children and adults to play harp like an Angel.

What is it that you love about teaching music – particularly at Wollongong Conservatorium?

I love working at the Conservatorium, the surroundings are inspiring and conducive to creating good music and a relaxing peaceful environment for teaching effectively.
I also enjoy the wonderful sense of community amongst fellow teachers and staff.

Please share a particular career highlight and why it’s special to you.

Implementing beginner harp programs in schools. I also created a fleet of colourful harps for children used in group classes for Kindergarten to Year 4.

As a professional Harp maker and Luthier, making bespoke art harps (from 15 strings to full size 40 strings) is very special to me. Knowing that my harps are located with musicians all over the world is really satisfying.