The Vampires – Nightjar feat. Chris Abrahams

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‘Nightjar’ brings a fresh perspective on the music of The Vampires and earns ARIA nomination for best jazz album.

Jeremy Rose – tenor saxophone; Nick Garbett – trumpet; Noel Mason – bass; Alex Masso – drums… and featuring Chris Abrahams – keyboards

The Vampires have gained critical attention worldwide for their distinctive sound yet have a style that is undoubtedly their own.
In October they will play to local audiences, with a concert in the Music Lounge as part of WollCon’s Jazz Series program for 2023.

They’ve garnered praise from Downbeat, “phenomenal”, the Guardian UK, “seductive genre hopping creativity”, and All About Jazz, “gold all over”, and appeared at premier festivals throughout the UK, Europe and their homeland Australia.

The Vampires are the first instrumental act to be short-listed for the Australian Music Prize and is comprised of some of the most in-demand and awarded musicians of their generation.

Their latest release, ‘Nightjar’ is their 7th album. It brings a fresh perspective on their music in a collaboration with pianist and keyboard player Chris Abrahams, and … it has just been nominated for an ARIA award for best Jazz Album 2023.

Chris Abrahams is one third of the legendary improvised minimalism trio, The Necks, and is a great match for the band, bringing an expansive and scintillating approach to their music.

The Vampires

“In a head-bopping nod to the obvious, The Vampires play vamps. Yet, these are no ordinary vamps. Written and improvised melodies are beautiful and flawless, and the harmonies between the three voices (woodwinds, brass, bass) ring with pitch-perfect sonority. There is a sublime pacing to each of the tunes here, with strategic shifts in texture, tonality, tonality, rhythm or intensity twisting the narrative of each hypnotic groove into an ever-unfolding and irresistible arc.” 
– Gary Fukushima, DOWNBEAT

“Original, melodically minimal compositions with hidden details scattered in every corner you look—covering nearly every topographic musical element and framed in a cohesive whole.” 
– Friedrich Kunzman, All About Jazz

8pm October 20th
Location: The Music Lounge, Town Hall, Wollongong
Tickets Prices: $20 / $30 / $35

Another WollCon Jazz Series event.