The Three Seas

Event Details
WollCon Jazz series presents this international, cross-cultural ensemble fusing West Bengal and Himalayan folk song with contemporary sounds from Sydney and Kolkata.

Soaring Baul vocals and majestic sounds from North Indian traditions are combined with Bengali beats, and the deep groove of the baritone saxophone in an energetic, uplifting … “Bermuda Triangle of electro-dub, funk and Hindustani music” – Songlines magazine, 2022.

Drawn together by their distinct and diverse backgrounds, and their passion for creating music that resonates universally, be transported into the supernatural world of The Three Seas.

Raju Das Baul – Vocals, Khamak
Deo Ashis Mothey – Vocals, Esraj, Dotora, Guitar, Murchunga
Matt Keegan – Baritone, Clarinet, Ewi
Brendan Clark – Bass Guitar + Effects
Gaurab Chatterjee – Drums, Dubki

Concert Details:
WollCon Auditorium – Gleniffer Brae
Doors open at 7pm (For Supporting Band: WollCon Jazz Combo)
Tickets: $15 Student, $25 Concession, $30 General

This tour is produced by SIMA with the support of Playing Australia and Create NSW.

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