Mara! Big Band

Event Details
A kaleidoscope of musical colours between jazz and world music.

Premium: $40
Standard: $35
Student: $20

The Mara! Big Band is a 12-piece ensemble that straddles the Eastern European gypsy brass band and jazz big band traditions. It is a kaleidoscope of musical colours including brass, piano accordion, percussion and voice. The new work is called Zashto? meaning “Why?” in Bulgarian. Exploring the experience of migration to Australia through music and featuring poetry by migrants and refugees. Sharing stories of displacement, hope, longing, despair and resignation in their journey towards a new life in Australia. The Mara! Big Band features some of the greatest names in Australian jazz and world music. The Mara! Big Band Project is supported by Create NSW, The Australia Council For the Arts, The Australian Govt. Regional Arts Trust & Flying Arts Alliance.

Line-up: Mara Kiek – voice and percusssion; Silvia Entcheva – voice (soprano); Jarnie Birmingham – voice (alto); Llew Kiek – bouzouki, bağlama, acoustic and electric guitars; Sandy Evans – saxophones; Paul Cutlan – clarinets and saxophones; Andrew Robson – saxophones; Sam Golding – trumpet, sousaphone; James Greening – pocket trumpet, trombone; Gary Daley – piano accordion; Lloyd Swanton – double bass; Tunji Beier – drums and percussion