HONK!OZ Festival returns

Event Details
Honk! Oz Street Music Festival returns to summer -Saturday January 14th, 2023 (outside the Wollongong Townhall).

Hosted by the Wollcon’s amazing community ensembles, The Con Artists, HONK! Oz Street Music Festival returns to the summer time-slot with a free one day festival including;  Kids Honk, HOOT Pickup Band, The Grand Street Parade and performances from local and visiting bands. 

Special guests presenters  include Ken Field from Boston, USA and Leah Van Der Meulen from Perth’s Junkadelic Brass Band.

Bands attending include The Curious Rendition Band and the Con Artists from Wollcon, local bands such as 1140, Beatmeisters, Wollongong City Brass Band and visiting bands such as Batteria61 and the Riff Raff Radical marching band.

There are all sorts of opportunities for the public (young and old) to join in the fun. Bring an instrument, join the workshops and parade, volunteer to help or just come along to watch.

Full details of the program and bands can be found on the festival website.
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Honk!Oz is supported by Wollongong Conservatorium of Music, Wollongong City Council, Merrigong Theatre, Illawarra Folk Club, Create NSW.

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