Breathe Easy Workshop

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WollCon is partnering with Big Breath Productions, to support our broader Illawarra community with the ‘Breathe Easy Workshop’.

WollCon is a proud member of the Illawarra ‘village’.  We strive for ‘positive change through music’ and are absolutely committed to being a provider of quality education in the region.

The Breathe Easy Workshop is a half day session on better breathing and breath control for:

  1. performance confidence
  2. improvements to lifestyle and health
  3. dealing with anxiety, and
  4. strengthening memory and supercharging study efficiency.

With expert tuition from David McLeod (Certified Buteyko breathing instructor; MMus; DipEd) this workshop is not just for singers.

David McLeod

Whether you are a student with study pressures, a retiree transitioning to life post work, an allergy sufferer, a professional voice user, or a budding musician and performer, the Breathe Easy workshop will share the science behind better breathing and provide practical tools to incorporate its benefits into daily and performance life.

“Huge thankyou to Big Breath Productions for leading an incredibly captivating workshop on breathing and performance anxiety. A truly enriching session that enabled the students to walk away with practical knowledge and techniques to deal with anxiety and boost well-being”.

Peter Cousins

Artistic Director, Talent Development Project

Thanks to WollCon, this subsidised workshop is a fraction of the cost you would normally pay.
The workshop is for ages 16 and over.
The class will have limited numbers, so please register now to ensure your place.

COST: $30-$50

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