Ballads and Heartsongs

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“A Thousand Stories: Ballads and Heartsongs” – a new concert by Trish Delaney-Brown

Award winning singer/songwriter Trish Delaney-Brown will be hosting an intimate evening of song and conversation delving into the process of creation, collaboration and exploration of the human condition through song.

Accompanied by acclaimed pianist Bill Risby, these two musicians know how to take their audience on a journey, with gospel, folk, pop and jazz all mixed into an enchanting brew.

“Trish sings the truth every time. When I need to hear beautiful singing I go and hear Trish Delaney-Brown.”
James Valentine


“We’ll be sharing stories in song and the audience will be very much a part of that. I want us all to come out at the end feeling seen, heard and joyful from that connection through music. And by the way, Bill Risby is crazy good. He can make the piano feel like a big band, or an orchestra, or bring it right back and tap into a beautiful delicacy.  He has a real passion for gospel music and I love what that brings to his playing too.” – Trish.

Featuring: Trish Delaney-Brown (voice), accompanied by Bill Risby (piano) and other special guests.

DATE: 4th August (doors open 6:30pm)
WHERE: CENTRO CBD – 28 Stewart St Wollongong.
TICKETS: $30 Show (starting at 8pm) – $59 Dinner + Show (starting 6:30pm)