Lauren Bortolazzo

Music Therapy

What do you teach at WollCon?

I’m a Registered Music Therapist, using music as a tool for building community and supporting peoples empowerment and connection to self and others. I sing and play guitar, piano, flute, ukulele, harp, all sorts of percussion.. really anything I can get my hands on!

What genres do you teach?

I honestly love and appreciate all kinds of music – it’s all about connecting with the styles that people find resonates with them. Rock, country, pop, hip hop, jazz, classical, musicals, heavy metal…  mix in improvisation and songwriting and people can explore their favourite music in a way that’s unique and meaningful to them.

What is it that you love about teaching music – particularly at Wollongong Conservatorium?

I’m continually awed by the ability that music has for connecting people to themselves and others. I’ve worked in Sydney for a long time, and I’m excited to have returned home to Wollongong and to be able to serve my community here. Wollongong Conservatorium holds a lot of wonderful memories for me, and to be able to come back here in the capacity of a Music Therapist feels really special. The grounds of WollCon are so calming and beautiful, and they serve as a really inspiring foundation for music to be happening.

Please share a particular career highlight and why it’s special to you.

For me, it’s the everyday opportunity to provide space for people to connect with themselves and others through music. I’ve had the privilege of providing music towards the end of people’s lives, and being able to offer music in those final moments, for the person and their family, has been an incredible honour.

What’s one piece of music that you’d recommend people listen to?

I’d recommend people listen to the music that connects them with times, places and people in their lives. Music that allows them to explore and express joy, grief, anger, and everything in between.