New Program launched for World Music Therapy Week

WollCon and CRAM Foundation announced a Music Therapy Collaboration during World Music Therapy Week 2023. Outcomes of this collaboration will now be showcased 11th April at WollCon.

Local disability organisation The Cram Foundation and the Wollongong Conservatorium of Music have announced a new partnership, collaborating on a ground-breaking, year-long music therapy program.

Two highly qualified music therapists from WollCon, Bertie McMahon and Harry Tregilgas have been visiting Cram homes across the region, working with residents to explore and unleash their musical creativity.

Bertie and Harry have been using techniques in music therapy practice to facilitate the creativity of the participants and have tailored their work to each participant’s strengths.  The outcomes of the project, which is largely funded by Create NSW, will be determined by the creative energies and musical interests of the participants.

Harry and Bertie

Research into the benefits of music therapy for people with disability continues to grow.  WollCon, as the region’s largest provider of music therapy services and Cram anticipate that this project, and the learnings from it will inform future practice as well as highlight how music therapy can lead to positive health, wellbeing and creative outcomes for all.

As a disability service provider, The Cram Foundation understands that the importance of creative expression and music therapy for people with a disability cannot be understated. “We are passionate about finding new ways to engage people with disability in music and creativity, and the dedication of both The Cram Foundation and Wollongong Conservatorium to deliver this project is a testament to its merits”, said Cram’s CEO Karen Burdett.

“WollCon is about positive change through music – for all members of the community.  We are delighted to partner in this project which not only takes music therapists to the heart of a community,  but will provide creative opportunities for participants who may not otherwise access this kind of opportunity and the positive benefits it delivers”

David Francis

CEO, WollCon

This 12-month program was launched and announced during World Music Therapy Week (10-15th April 2023).

Outcomes will be publicly available at the conclusion of the program during World Music Therapy Week 2024. Stay Tuned!