Concert and Symphonic Bands at State Championships

Students from WollCon’s Symphonic & Concert Bands competed in the NSW Band Championships (26-27th August) which was held at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre in Penrith.

WollCon is pleased to announce that the Symphonic band (competing in the Junior C Grade Concert Band Division’) was awarded third place in their test piece, against some tough competition which included: Monte Sant` Angelo Wind Ensemble, Knox Grammar School Concert Band, Northern Sydney Youth Orchestra Winds, Northholm Grammar School Concert Band and St Ives High School Concert Band.

The Concert band was in the ‘Primary School Bands Division 2’ and while they didn’t place this year, the experience of the competition has inspired them to play and perform more as a group.

“I’m very proud of both bands which performed three pieces each at the competition. I conduct and teach both groups every Monday afternoon at WollCon, part of the youth concert band program.”

David Rooney

Head of Schools Program

On Stage at the State Championships

“I have been in the Symphonic band for 3 years and I have really enjoyed all of the performances and public events. Being part of the band program has allowed me to pursue my musical interests and my playing has really improved as a result. Thanks to David and Jenn for all of the help each week.” – Chris | Symphonic Band Member

“It was good to see the other bands play at the State Championships and to see how they compare to our style”. – Luke | Symphonic Band Member

For parents who would like to enroll their child in WollCon’s concert band program learn more below: