Adult Recorder Group Lessons

Recorder Festival inspires adult group lessons and new all-ages ensemble.

Music teacher Mel Wishart has recently returned from attending her first Orpheus Recorder Festival in Armidale last January which she described as “a total immersion into the world of recorders.”

“It was my first time there, I made some great connections and had a wonderful time. It was 4 hours of tutoring a day and then performances in the evening. Everyone was nice – even the cranky people.” Mel joked.

Mel, who teaches recorder, clarinet and saxophone at WollCon, also purchased a new Kung Treble recorder to use and teach with at her music classes.

“I also totally fell in love with the giant Paetzold square recorders which have ergonomic key design so that limited hand action or smaller hands can play the great bass end of recorders. They were amazing to look at and listen to.”

Mel Wishart

Music Teacher, WollCon

Mel Wishart

Being at the recorder festival allowed Mel access to incredible world class performers sharing their knowledge, and performances in a relaxed setting. 

“I was personally tutored by the great Anna Stegman, Joris Van Goethem, Jo Arnott, Robyn Mellor and the irrepressible Kimberley Scriven. I had a ball and I learned so many little techniques and  ‘tricks of the trade’ that I will definitely use in my classes.”

Mel is now starting an adult recorder group called the Recorder Revellers on Wednesdays from 6:30pm at WollCon (45 min. lessons capped at 8 people) and if there’s interest, a beginners all-age ensemble at 5.45pm (TBC).

While some basic recorder knowledge is preferred it is not an essential requirement.