Ferrari of Jazz Orchestras

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Ferrari of Jazz Orchestras


April 06, 2022
WollCon’s Eric Dunan presents the Ferrari of Jazz Orchestras

Some of the country’s greatest jazz musicians will come together for a one night only concert in Wollongong Town Hall as part of WollCon’s 50th Birthday Celebrations. An all-star-all-generation Jazz Orchestra to be directed by WollCon Jazz program leader Mr Eric Dunan, will showcase the amazing talents of musicians who have been part of the Wollongong Conservatorium Jazz program over the past two decades.

This is not merely a band of musicians playing dots on a page, this band is jam packed full of jazz musicians who are masters of this idiom. This is not a matter of getting from the beginning of a song to the end of a song. This is getting there in style. This band is like a Ferrari…it’s flashy and sleek.

Eric Dunan

Head of Jazz Program

The 18-piece ‘WollCon Generations Jazz Orchestra’ will feature special guests, WollCon Alumni, selected music staff as well as our next generation jazz students, to deliver an unforgettable sonic experience.

Eric Dunan has led the jazz program at WollCon for the last 21 years and says the concert will be a particularly special one for him because so many former students are coming back to perform as colleagues and friends.

“I’m super proud of what they are bringing to the National and International jazz community as well as how they reflect on the WollCon jazz education program.”

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