Alumni Profile Lorraine Moxey

A 50 year link with WollCon!

Lorraine Moxey started at WollCon when it first opened in 1972, playing violin in the youth orchestra with our very first Executive Director Mr Jim Powell. She focussed her studies on Chamber Music with Colleen McMeekin and believes this is where she forged a passion for Chamber Music.

“In Chamber Music each individual contributes to the musical outcomes of a performance whilst being part of a unique but small team of players. Each player is equally important.” Said Lorraine.

In the early 1990s Lorraine was also a tutor for the then BHP Youth Orchestra when David Vance was the conductor, and was part of the musical development of many young string musicians.

“As a teacher, there are always special memories and students. Being asked to perform with 3 of my senior conservatorium  students with the Wollongong Symphony Orchestra each of us taking a different Season of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons was one memory that comes to mind.”

She has been a member of the Australian Chamber Orchestra with Richard Tognetti, and currently plays in the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra Sydney.

“Richard and I knew each other for a long time before we were in ACO together. I have always respected his playing enormously. He is an innovative, passionate and exacting leader of ACO.”

For the last 21 years Lorraine has been teaching violin at Kinross Wolaroi School in Orange, where she’s managed to grow the chamber music program and establish four string orchestras.

“When I started at the school, the string program was very small. It has been so very satisfying to build it to what we currently have in place. Students from Kinross regularly are selected for the Australian Youth Orchestra programs and many have gone on to study music and continue with successful careers in music.”

Lorraine is a founding member of the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra which began in 1989, and enjoys performing regularly as part of the subscription seasons in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

“What has kept me there so long? A lifelong love of performing and the fact that this is arguably one of the country’s best Chamber Orchestras. They present innovative programs with excellence. Paul Dyer (Artistic Director of the Brandenburg) and I studied together at the NSW Conservatorium. He is a dear friend and I have huge respect for him and am proud of what he has and is achieving with this amazing orchestra.”

Reflecting on her very long and successful career she’s grateful she’s managed to be able to both teach and perform.

“Not all teachers can perform and not all performers can teach. I hope I can continue to do both for as long as I can.”

Lorraine believes that institutions like the Wollongong Conservatorium provide the opportunity for children to learn one of the most important skills in life – to play and read music. 

“In my opinion, it is as important for their brain fitness as sport is for their physical fitness.”