Alumni Profile: Jane Aubourg

Composer, Violinist and Maker – that’s how WollCon Alumnus Jane Aubourg describes herself

A successful Wollongong based performer, who won the MusicOz Independent Artist Instrumental Award (2010), Jane has written music for games, film and comics, has performed at TEDxUWollongong, and is part of The Music Box Project in Sydney, an award winning exploratory music collective who ‘play music outside the usual order of things.’

Her interests and influences include looping and textures and she enjoys the creativity in improvisation.

“Many of my performances and compositions stem from playing and improvising on electric violin with loop pedal.” Said Jane.

Listen: Ostinato by Jane Aubourg – “Music for a Mounting Crisis”

Jane has been playing violin for 24 years, studying and playing everything from classical, folk, rock and experimental. More recently her focus is in music composition.

Her training with acclaimed composer and pianist John Spence at the Wollongong Conservatorium of Music in her senior years, led her down an exciting path of music creation and experimentation and the basis of much of her recent work with the music box project.

“I have still been able to connect with John on recent composition projects.Talking to someone who really understands your journey as a composer can be so helpful for the composition process. This is also something I do with peers.” Said Jane.

“All my experiences with my teachers at WollCon deeply influenced my path as a violinist and composer. I feel very lucky to have been part of the Wollongong music community.”

How it all began for Jane

Jane started her music training like thousands of other children in the Illawarra, with the Children’s Music education program known as ChiME offered by the Wollongong Conservatorium.

“I was taught by Janet Andrews who I know is still teaching. She instilled in me a sense of joy and discovery through music as a child. I then learnt violin, with two wonderful teachers Megan Searle and Sarah Hindson both of whom gave me a deep love for the instrument and its music.”

During her high school years Jane was part of WollCon’s BlueScope Youth Orchestra where she performed to audiences across the country and internationally.

“The orchestra, managed by Nigel Edwards and Tanya Phillips gives students a strong sense of musical community. I had so much fun playing, going on tour and even rehearsals.”

With further study at the Sydney Conservatorium (Composition) and at the University of Wollongong (Media Arts) under her belt, Jane’s ultimate goal was to play, write and collaborate with others to make music that is unique.

Reinventing the Audience Connection

“I’m really enjoying the energy that comes with playing with the music box project.
It allows me to bring to life new music by people inside and outside the group, to explore my own sketches and drafts with fantastic musicians, and to continually reinvent how we connect with our audience.”

“We’ve enjoyed playing at festivals such as the Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music and Hibernation Festival of the Lo-Fi, experimenting at our long running pub series Upstairs at The Glebe, and workshopping music on residencies such as at Bundanon Trust. It’s inspiring, rewarding and most of all fun.”