WollCon in the Mix

‘Culture Mix’ is a FREE one-day multicultural festival which will celebrate Wollongong’s diverse community with vibrant music, dance, workshops, installations, and food from around the world.

WollCon’s junior strings musicians which make up the Llwellyn Orchestra (led by Adrian Davis), have been learning folk tune arrangements especially for the festival to be performed at the Church on the Mall. The project was the vision of WollCon music therapist and guitar teacher Ann Lehmann-Kuit who is in the Culture Mix Advisory Group.

“When we learn folk music from artists from different cultures it is like travelling to those countries- hearing folk songs sung in language and hearing the stories behind the lyrics- it makes us feel more connected to those cultures.”

Ann Lehmann-Kuit

Music Therapist and Guitar Teacher, WollCon

Working with folk musicians is a first for WollCon Junior Strings, however under the inspired leadership of Adrian Davis they have engaged in many creative partnerships, including working with the Enigma String Quartet and Sydney Conservatorium’s Associate Professor Goetz Richter. They have made art collages representing the music they played which has been displayed at Wollongong City Gallery. Learning folk songs for Culture Mix is another inspiring string to the bow for the young WollCon musicians.

Folk song arrangements are by WollCon ChiME teacher Anamaría Gómez ( Colombian song “Duérme Negríto”), and Vēsma Putniņa ( Latvian song “Daugav Abas Malas”).

Anamaria and Vesma

The Llwellyn Orchestra will be performing in the beautiful Church on the Mall from 2.15 – 2.35pm.

There will also be opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to share more culture during the festival, through interactive ‘Jam n Bread’ workshops coordinated by Ann Lehmann-Kuit at the Music Lounge, Wollongong Town Hall.


1.15pm Colombian Songs and Rhythms (Jam n Bread)
1.45pm Hindustani Voice, Harmonium and Raga (Jam n Bread)
2.15pm Macedonian Song, Rhythms and Dance (Jam n Bread)
2.45pm Māori Song, Poi and Ukelele (Jam n Bread)

The Culture Mix festival will take place Saturday 21 October at various locations in the Wollongong CBD. 

Culture Mix is a free and inclusive event, open to people from all backgrounds, ages and abilities. This is an accessible event with programming, amenities and features for people with disability, sensory or mobility needs.

CultureMix Festival