Cinematic and dream-like Spirograph Studies perform at WollCon

Melbourne band Spirograph Studies is just one of the headline acts for the upcoming WollCon Jazz Festival

Led by bassist and composer Tamara Murphy, Spirograph Studies have been carving out a niche in the Australian music landscape with their unique approach. Cinematic and dream-like, they build a collective dialogue using influences from post-rock, minimalism and neo-classical musical styles to create their live, genre-bending soundtrack.

They introduce themes which slowly build to fill out the space they perform in, drawing on different sonic influences for each track.  Much like the Spirograph drawing toy Tamara had when she was young, the band’s name (and music) comes from the idea of building larger structures out of smaller, intricate structures.

“I had a Spirograph toy as a kid and used to like playing with the different creations these little toys can make.” 

Tamara Murphy

The aim of the band’s music is  to sound like a soundtrack to a film – cinematic soundscapes which slowly evolve, with each piece creating a different feeling or mood. Tamara often writes for a specific situation or feeling which translates each piece differently for the band.

It will be their first time performing in Wollongong (at the inaugural Jazz Festival) and they are very excited to present pieces from both of their albums as well as some new material which is yet to be recorded. They hope the audience at WollCon will be able to sit back, close their eyes and be taken somewhere new by their music.

“Perhaps they can build an inner-cinema in their own mind which is inspired by our minimalist post-rock-post-jazz sounds… I think our music is very accessible and there is something in there for everyone.”


Spirograph Studies - Photo by WILK

Photo of Spirograph Studies by WILK:
Fran Swinn (guitar), James McLean (drums), Luke Howard (piano), Tamara Murphy (bass)

“We are absolutely looking forward to hearing the rest of the program for the WollCon JazzFest! It looks like an amazing day, and one of the things I love about being part of a festival such as this one, is seeing new music and meeting and hanging with other musicians and punters – our music community! This is what these festivals are really about – Community – and the full line up for the day looks spectacular! We are honoured to be a part of it.” – Tamara

Catch ‘Spirograph Studies’ at the WollCon Jazz Festival.

Sunday 17th September, 11am-5pm
Wollongong Conservatorium of Music
Tickets: $15 – $35

Jazz Festival artwork