HONK!Oz returns


HONK!Oz returns


July 11, 2022
Wollongong’s famous Honk!Oz festival is back for a special winter edition ( 15 and 16 July ) and organisers are encouraging the public to be part of the music parade.

Hosted by WollCon’s community band The Con Artists, this free, 2-day vibrant street music festival in the heart of Wollongong will feature 18 bands, will include a lantern parade on Friday night and a grand street parade though the mall on Saturday.

The 2022 HonkOz! line up is led by The Con Artists and the program includes local, interstate, and overseas bands and musicians. Bands such as The Hot Potato Band and Junkadelic Brass Band will bring high energy interactive brass music to the festival while the Bateria 61 Grupo de Samba is a spectacle of musicians and dances.

New Zealand band Crash Bandihoot will jump the ditch with their brass instruments to be part of the festival.

“The event just gets bigger each time we host it.” Says HONK!Oz Music Director and WollCon teacher David Rooney.

“This year’s HOOT! Pickup band, which the general public and unattached musicians can join will be led by the Junkadelic Brass Band. They will select and arrange the repertoire to be played in the workshops and performances and are inviting local players (from intermediate and up) to join. Any instrument is welcome as long as you don’t have to plug it in and can carry it.”

David Rooney

HONK!Oz Music Director, WollCon

The Junkadelic Brass Band is a band like no other. Hailing from Perth, Junkadelic combines a 6-piece brass section with hard-hitting recycled percussion to bring you a face-melting blend of street rhythms. Taking inspiration from traditional New Orleans street music, Junkadelic combines funk grooves with latin and hip-hop flavours. Rowdy vocals round out the band’s explosive original compositions to create brass band music with a bend in it.

The Kid’s HONK! Band which has been an important feature of the street festival since it began, will be offering workshops and performance opportunities for students from Years 3-6. This year thanks to a NSW Create grant, Kid’s HONK! Band will be joined by The Hot Potato Band.

There are all sorts of opportunities for the public (young and old) to join in the fun. Bring an instrument, join the workshops and parade, volunteer to help or just come along to watch.

Visit our What’s On Page for more information and how to join.

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