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Plus1 Fundraising Campaign


April 13, 2022
Fundraising campaign to support ‘Musical Futures’ and showcase new Australian music from WollCon alumni for our 50th birthday year.

Wollongong Conservatorium of Music has launched its ‘Musical Futures’ fundraising campaign, supported by Creative Partnerships Australia’s (CPA) Plus 1 program.

Plus1 offers matched funding to support not-for-profit arts and cultural organisations to develop their fundraising campaigns and connect with new audiences.  So with the support of Plus 1, every dollar donated to Musical Futures is matched dollar-for-dollar. Matt Morse, Executive Director Strategy and Programs at Creative Partnerships explains further.

Plus1 is our dollar-for-dollar matched fundraising program, designed to boost the fundraising efforts of small to medium sized not-for-profit arts organisations such as WollCon. We find the program attracts new donors and builds valuable relationships and networks.  In addition, many supporters and investors see matched funding as a means of really extending their contribution. A matched fundraising campaign can be a powerful incentive in securing first-time investment from previously untapped donors or philanthropists.

Matt Morse

Creative Partnerships Australia

The WollCon fundraising campaign ‘Musical Futures’ is now live.  CEO David Francis is, and will continue to reach out to the wider WollCon community for  support, especially as it’s such a great time to donate with every dollar donated matched by Creative Partnerships Australia, effectively doubling the value of the donation.

“The Plus1 funding program is incredibly timely for WollCon, the Arts and Arts Education in our region.  Even though we are celebrating our 50th Birthday in 2022 this campaign is about creating musical opportunities to inspire future generations.” Said WollCon’s CEO, David Francis.

Our target is $15K.  When matched by CPA that will deliver $30K of value to our community through WollCon’s program.  Donors to Musical Futures will be investing in the future of music, new Australian works, and supporting artists to come and work with the entire community of musicians at WollCon.

David Francis


“It is a particularly exciting prospect that new Australian music will be composed as a result of our Musical Futures campaign, and that those new works will be performed by WollCon musicians of all ages.  Two new works are being composed by Matthew Hindson and Novak Manojlovic both of whom are alumni of WollCon, so this is a true celebration of the impact WollCon has on the musical lives of the musicians who come here.” said David.

Now based in Victoria, world-renowned composer Professor Matthew Hindson is creating a composition for WollCon’s BlueScope Youth Orchestra to celebrate the group’s long-standing partnership with the steel-making company and the fact that one of its blast furnaces is also celebrating its 50th birthday in 2022.

“My first string quartet, ‘Industrial Night Music’, was directly inspired by the steelworks at Port Kembla and Whyalla, so it can definitely be a source of inspiration in all manner of ways.” – Says Matthew (pictured below).

Matthew Hindson

The other thing about the steelworks is that it is a monument to human achievement and endeavour.  I mean, it’s a massive thing in itself, dedicated to turning iron ore from the ground into an incredibly important part of our civilisation – steel.  We couldn’t do without it.  So, I will be trying to reflect that in the composition.  A sense of majesty, of grandeur and great power.

Matthew Hindson

Sydney Conservatorium of Music

The other major collaborative work which will end our year-long celebration will be a composition from celebrated jazz composer and musician Novak Manojlovic (pictured below), to be performed at Wollongong Town Hall in December.

Born in Wollongong, Novak is an award-winning composer, pianist and improviser, who has become one of Australia’ leading jazz musicians, and was awarded the prestigious Freedman Jazz Fellowship in 2019. He has been described as an evocative sonic storyteller, who includes a vast array of genres and mosaics of sound, quiet meditations and soaring peaks in his music making.

Novak is looking to marry the multi-faceted musical inspirations which he has experienced from growing up in Wollongong. From studying jazz and classical as a teenager, to exposing himself to the burgeoning pub scene in his adolescence, and to the fecund indie music community he now finds himself involved in.

“All of these elements manifest in the music I make and I look forward to exploring this manifestation in a large ensemble context.”

“We live in a city that is not only geographically remarkable, but punches far above its weight in terms of its creative output; from its impassioned pub music scene, to the inspired indie circuit, to the jazz and classical ensembles championed by the Wollongong Conservatorium and Steel City Strings and the like. I am proud of this city and aim to make audiences, and other artists, feel similarly.”

Novak Manojlovic

Musical Futures will also support a residency by one of the region’s hottest brass-pop bands ’The Hot Potato Band’ who will mentor music students and perform alongside WollCon’s community ensembles, particularly The Con Artists and the Curious Rendition Orchestra (CROW).

“This is a great moment of celebration and one our entire community, both past and present can support by becoming a WollCon donor as well as taking part in the music making and events which make up our 50th birthday program.  WollCon is certainly worth celebrating through a tax deductible donation and what better time to donate than when donations are matched dollar for dollar.” said David.

Please join in the celebrations, and invest in Musical Futures by supporting the campaign.

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